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I feel it's a honor to be called an Artist, I enjoy the diversity of creating painting with sometimes a mosaics accent to express my art. Diversity and civil rights happen to be a current theme in many of my most recent works. As an artist I want to use art directly in the community in which I live and beyond. In 2018, I was chosen to collaborate with a Hurricane Harvey recovery project with The Red Cross called Spark Academy. Using art and play therapy based curriculum for children who were experiencing trauma as an after math of the hurricane, we were able to provide healing to kids ages kindergarten through 5th grade in a 6 weeks program. I felt very passionate and fortunate to be able to help kids overcome trauma through the means of art. Art is an expression that is powerful, it has the ability to educate, heal, and beautify all at once…I don’t take being called an artist lightly it is something I feel called to do!

jodye beard-brown

jodye beard-brown

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